New Patient Info

Our New Patient packet can be found at the following link: New Patient Paperwork

Note: The Medicare contract needs only be filled out if Medicare is your Primary Insurance. This contract qualifies you  for our Medicare discount. Medicare Secondary will not qualify you for this discount.

How long is the New Patient appointment?

A New Patient visit can take 4-5 hours. The first 2 hours consists of the Nurse Practitioner taking a detailed history. After the history has been taken, the Patient will then go in with Dr. Hartman to discuss treatments options and protocols.


How long will it take to get an appointment?

We are currently seeing 2-3 New Patients a week. New Patient packets come in every day. Expected wait times for new patients is about 2 weeks.

We will call to schedule your New Patient appointment as soon as we have your New Patient packet and records.

How much do visits cost?

Our New Patient appointment is $725 ($625 for Medicare Patients)

Payment is due at time of service; we do not participate with any insurance. For Patients with a PPO plan with Out-of-Network benefits, we will submit a claim form on your behalf for possible reimbursement. These are done in a batch about once a month. If you would like to submit the form yourself, we can provide it at time of checkout.

Follow up appointments for a typical patient are every 1-3 months and can range from $200-$350+, depending on how much time is spent with the practitioner. ($180-$335+ for Medicare).

The minimum values listed here are for appointments of length less than 45 minutes and do not include any of the in-house treatments we offer as part of a visit. The maximum values listed are for appointments of 90 minutes and do include the treatments (In-house treatments add $35 to the visit cost)

More information on Types of Visits can be found on our FAQ page.

Do you accept Insurance?

The Mandarin Wellness Center does not participate with any insurance and is opted out of Medicare.

Full payment is expected at the time of service. An insurance claim will be submitted on your behalf for possible reimbursement if you have a PPO policy with Out-of-Network Benefits.

Why must you have my records before scheduling?

Dr. Hartman and Robyn (our Nurse Practitioner) will review your New Patient paperwork and records prior to your visit. This allows us to cater your visit to your specific needs.

Even with all this information, your visit will take at least 5 hours. The more we have before your appointment, the more concise we can be.

Any recent bloodwork you have had done recently will reduce the number of tests Dr Hartman will want to run, thereby minimizing the amount of blood we have to draw. (We may require a patient to have their blood drawn outside of our office, depending on the number and types of tests requested)

If you do not have copies of your records, you will need to fill out the Records Request form (found in the New Patient packet) for each doctor we will need to obtain records from. Once we have obtained those records, we will call to schedule.