We are still working on this page. We hope to eventually have most of your questions answered here.

Do you accept Insurance?

The Mandarin Wellness Center does not participate with any insurance and is opted out of Medicare.

Full payment is expected at the time of service. An insurance claim will be submitted on your behalf for possible reimbursement if you have a PPO policy with Out-of-Network Benefits.

Why can’t I reach anyone on the phone?

This is one of our biggest issues. I can only attempt to explain to you what we deal with during a typical day.

When we open in the morning, we typically find an average of 10 voicemails across our phones. We will also have a number of faxes on the fax machine and emails to address. There will also be a veritable mountain of charts left over from the previous evening.

As we are attempting to sort through all this, the phones are still ringing. Then the patients start coming in and we have to check them in and out and occasionally assist in treatment preparations.

When one of us can actually answer a phone, patients often have complicated or many questions; those seeking to become a new patient can spend up to 30 minutes or more asking questions.

Unfortunately, there is no real solution that can allow us to do everything. We kindly ask that you leave a voicemail and give us some time to get back to you. We have patients who will call incessantly, refusing to leave a message, and thus tying up one of our lines.

We ask you to understand that we are a small office and try very hard to please everyone. We have around 700 active patients, who are all very sick. Despite this, Dr. Hartman does not want to turn away any prospective patients, as many people have run out of options for doctors willing to address their circumstances.


How do I become a New Patient?

We are working on creating a Page for New Patients. For now, the new patient packet can be found by following the link on our Home page.

We will call you to schedule once we have received the packet and a copy of your medical records. These records allow the doctor to know a bit about your history and will reduce the amount of bloodwork that will need to be done by our office. The new patient paperwork also contains a records release form so we can obtain your records from a previous doctor.

The link also contains a Medicare contract. This contract ONLY needs to be filled out if you have Medicare Primary. This contract allows you to receive a discount off of your visits because no claims or receipts can be sent to Medicare, as Dr Hartman is an opted out physician. If Medicare is your secondary insurance, you are not eligible for the discount.


Types of Visits offered

New Patient Visit Complex (4-5 hours) – $725 ($625 for Medicare)
** More information can be found on our New Patient tab

New Patient Visit General Health (60 minutes with ARNP) – $300
** This visit is for more general health issues like thyroid, weight management, blood pressure, hormones, et. al.

Regular Follow-up (45-90+ minutes) – $200-$350+ ($180-$335+)
**Visits over 75 minutes will incur further charges

Phone Consult Follow-up – Price is similar to that of an in-person follow-up, however an additional $10 is added to the charge.

Standard Lab Review (In-person or by Phone with ARNP) – Time-dependent charge comparable to that of a Regular Follow-up. Can be done in conjunction with Regular Follow-up with any practitioner.

Complex Lab Review (Stool Analysis, Mold Testing, Micronutrient Analysis, et. al) – A stand-alone visit with ARNP. Charge based on same time-scale as Regular Follow-up or Phone Consult Follow-up.

Acute visit (Cold, UTI, Sore throat, etc) (Up to 25 minutes with ARNP) – $90.
**Established patients only. Laboratory tests will be extra. Billed as Regular Follow-up if exceeding 25 minutes