Alzheimer Risk Reduction

-Low Saturated fat intake
-Omega 3 fish oil with DHA
-Reduce cholesterol, and other cardiovascular risk factors
-Folic Acid, Methyl B12, Vitamin B6 to keep homocysteine under 10
-High vegetable and fruit (not juice) intake: 5 – 9 servings (½ c)/d
(Kale, Collards, Mustards, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Blueberries)
-Small amounts of alcohol – under 30 g/d or ½ – 2 drinks total/d
-Phosphtidyl Serine
-Alpha Lipoic Acid
-Don’t smoke
-Control diabetes: Hgb A1c under 6.0
-Reduce weight to normal
-Keep blood pressure 120-130’s/70-80’s, and use calcium channel blocker if Rx needed